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calender week

Tue Mar 30, 08:30 - Tue Mar 30, 09:30

calender week

Online Event

France is an exception in the world when it comes to LTI plans. Therefore, it can be very tricky for companies operating in France and in the US. Complexity increases for non-listed companies.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

– France vs. US regarding LTI plans

– Specificities for non-listed companies

– How to be efficient and competitive in both countries?

– Trends and benchmarks for equity plans

– How to manage your international plans on a daily basis

Banque Transatlantique is the French leader of LTI plan management.

Our speakers, leading the equity plan department at Banque Transatlantique, will share their views on this challenging topic for cross-borders companies.

Franck Duez – LTI Plan management | Managing Director

Jean-Michel Candela – LTI Plan Management | Corporate Director

Alexis Despres – LTI Plan Management | Relationship Manager

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