2021 #NEXT40/FT120

by La French Tech

The French government unveiled the new Next 40/FT120 lists that identify the most promising French startups.

New entrants this year include space-tech nanosatellite maker Kineis, Europe’s Snapchat for teens called Yubo, car-rental platform Virtuo, insect farming startup Innovafeed, and Flying Whales, whose cargo blimps are built for moving timber out of forests. Familiar names include success stories like Alan, Meero, and fintech Lydia.

Beyond the visibility, companies on the list gain enhanced access to government ministries, access to official French delegations overseas, and help in connecting with the public sector. Entrepreneurs also receive support from a group of more than 50 dedicated correspondents from government agencies, ministries, and public services, across France.

Combined, they generate close to €9 billion in revenue and provide a job to 37,500 people. Revenue, in particular, is up 55% compared to last year’s French Tech 120.

And you know what?

Among the French Tech Next40 and FT120, 4 have bloomed in San Francisco: Ivalua, Platform.sh, Scality and Vadesecure

To know more about Next40/FT120 program: https://lafrenchtech.com/en/how-france-helps-startups/ft120/

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